How To: ALLSTAR Voting

Fans select ASG starters via four-page form

There are many (former) Telekom Baskets Bonn players to vote for.

The upcoming ASG takes place January 13th, in Göttingen, marking the 30th edition of the highly anticipated annual event. Until December 7th, fans can vote for the ALLSTAR starters of both “Team National” and “Team International”. Here’s a little guide for those outside of Germany who want to help bring in as many Telekom Baskets Bonn players as possible.

To get started, visit and fill out the first sheet of the four-page form, submitting a few personal facts. Then select your “Team National” and “Team International” starters as well as the respective Head Coaches. Have a final glimpse at everybody selected, submit your votes, and you’re done … simple as that!

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Tickets für die Heimspiele der Telekom Baskets Bonn gibt es hier:

·         Baskets Online-Ticket-Shop: 
·         General-Anzeiger Vorverkaufsstellen 
·         Eventim-Vorverkaufsstellen 
·         Baskets Ticket-Hotline: 0228 50 20 14 
·         Baskets Fanshop bei INTERSPORT SPORTPARTNER (Friedrichsstr. 45, Bonn-Innenstadt) 
·         Baskets Sportfabrik (direkt im Telekom Dome) 
·         An der Tageskasse im Telekom Dome bei Heimspielen der Telekom Baskets Bonn